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Mediacom Internet Plans

Mediacom Internet 60$39.99/mo*60Mbps5Mbps400GB
Mediacom Internet 100$49.99/mo*100Mbps10Mbps1000GB
Mediacom Internet 200$59.99/mo*200Mbps20Mbps2000GB
Mediacom Internet 500$69.99/mo*500Mbps30Mbps4000GB
Mediacom Internet 1 Gig$79.99/mo*1000Mbps50Mbps6000GB

Mediacom Internet

Each home has a different high speed Internet requirement. With the fastest home WiFi for all rooms and all devices, Mediacom Prime Internet has independent Internet and Internet packages that are right for you and your home. The Mediacom Internet plan allows you to stream all your favorite HD programs, download movies and connect your desktop, laptop and mobile device at 60 Mbps! With this speed, you can play online and download large files without delay or doubt. This is the ideal speed for families with multiple computers.


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